Can you imagine if we were taught how to manifest when we were kids?

We would worry less and have a lot more faith. We would have more patience for the things we want.

To help us all learn, I am sharing my manifesting steps that you can use for yourself and with your children.

Step 1 – Awareness

The first thing we need to be aware of are the thoughts that are not serving us well and sabotaging what we want.

When I was in the process of releasing my first book, I realized I had lost my mission to give kids and parents tools to help them take action and be who they want to be. I started focusing too much on the cost of the book and because of that, my mission and excitement for launching my book got misplaced.

Once I became aware of my thoughts, I was able to turn them into gratitude thoughts.  This was no longer something I had to do, it was something I got to do. I realized that even if I never sell a book and end up giving them all away for free, at least the message of taking action would be out in the world. If my book could help at least one child I knew it would make it all worthwhile. I am so grateful I have the money to spend on my book in order to spread my mission to as many kids as possible and that feels really good.  It surrounds me with a higher vibration of energy and immediately puts me in the flow of the Universe, which is where I want to be and I want all of you to be too.

When you or your kids are thinking or saying negative thoughts or you hear that story repeating itself in your head, remember you can change your thoughts by being aware and say, “I recognize whatever the thought is and I choose to see it differently.” At this point it is then important to create a grateful phrase.  Stop and say to yourself, “I am grateful for __________” and fill in the blank. This takes practice so be kind when you first start out. Once you get the hang of it you will become a pro and those negative thoughts and repeated stories will quickly become some of your greatest opportunities.

Ours kids have these kinds of thoughts too and we need to teach them how to become aware of what they are thinking and to take action to change their thoughts.  I use it with my daughter all the time. For example, my daughter will say I am never going to be able to land my axel during my ice skating competition. When that happens, I walk her through the steps below…

  • I hear what you are saying – Recognize
  • Reframe your thought – Grateful
  • Choose to see it differently – Reframe

So in this example for my daughter I would say, lets look at the situation differently.  When you think negative thoughts you attract negativity so I would tell her that she lands her axel all the time in practice.  I would remind her to be grateful for all the times that she had already landed it. Then I would say, next time you have that thought that you are not going to land it in your competition, just change your thought.  Remind yourself to say I am grateful for all the times I have landed it, or I can land my axel, I can land my axel over and over while we throw in some deep breathing.

Step 2 – Ask For What You Want

Open up those journals, write it down and let it go. LOL!! I know that it’s much harder than it appears.

Write down what you want and why you desire it. I had the desire to sell one hundred copies of my book the first month it was released to children that really needed to read my message.  The why should come from a place of joy not fear. When you write down what you desire and why, it raises your vibration, giving you the ability to manifest what you want. Sometimes we need to be patient and we cannot worry about the outcome.  The outcome of your desires will come when it is supposed to, not when you necessarily want it. I’ll say it again, be patient and let it go.

Your kids can do this too.  When they want something, have them write it down along with why they want it.  Teach them that the why should lead to joy within them.

This is a great way for your kids to practice journaling which is so important.  Check out my blog on journaling.

If you need a journal for you and your kids to begin, you can get it on my website at

Step 3 – Visualize and Really Feel What You Are Manifesting

This next step can be fun for your kids because they have such big imaginations.  They even may be able to help you with this step!! For me since I am trying to manifest selling at least one hundred books, I visualize my book with wings flying into kids arms and I can see the joy on their faces as they read the story on how they too can take action and do whatever they want to do.  It is as if they too have grown wings when they read the book and feel free. I tear up just visualizing the book helping others and this means I am on the right path with visualization. I can feel it in my bones!!

Talk with your kids and give them my examples and see what they come up with. For kids that are too young to write, have them draw a picture in their journal.

Step 4 – Sit Back, Relax and Let The Universe Work Its Magic

This is the most amazing part as you watch what you have manifested come to fruition.  This is also a very difficult step because you have to trust that what you asked for is coming your way.  Remember, it is not always on our time frame. The Universe sometimes has a different plan for us, so what we want may show up in ways we never thought of, or dreamed of,  but way bigger!! Sometimes we have to do emotional work on ourselves before we can get what we want. Listen to the clues of the Universe especially if you start to feel you are repeating patterns and not getting what you are trying to manifest.

I had to build my confidence and be willing to put myself out there in order to sell my book. At times the fear still creeps in and I freak out. When this happens I start the steps all over again. I am aware of the fearful thoughts, I recognize them and choose to see them in a different way, and ultimately I then I create a grateful statement.  I do this as many times as it takes to feel my vibration rise.

You will need to explain to your kids that it takes time and there is no need to worry about it or think about it. Just write it down, see it, feel it, and let the Universe get to work.  My daughter is getting really good at manifestation and is at a point where she does not always need to write it down. We were on vacation and she really wanted us to upgrade our timeshare so she could have her own room.  My thought was maybe when she was sixteen we could rent a larger room. To my surprise, three hours later we found ourselves purchasing a larger timeshare with no intent to do so and it was not because of her. We were in the flow of the Universe and it all happened as it should.  Sometimes the Universe answers quickly and sometimes it takes years.

You can do this, I have faith in you!!  Please share your manifesting stories at [email protected]. I can’t wait to read all your success stories!

about the author

Keri Collins is a children’s author who helps kids and parents better themselves by making better choices. She blogs about parenting and kids’ issues, and offers plenty of tips and other advice.