Hello and welcome!

My name is Keri Collins and this is my first blog.  As I sit her typing these words I am asking myself who would want to read my post?  Should I be doing this, is this a complete waste of my time. I don’t even like to write!! Ha!! I am sure many of you feel this way.  I take a deep breath and remember we are all here on our own journey and we learn and grow from each other by sharing our stories and boy have I been growing lately.  I have been on the most chaotic yet, soothing, crazy yet normal journey that I would love to share with you. I am a bit ADD so I have been on many journeys lately. Today I want to start sharing the journey of who I am and how I figured it out and continue to figure it out every day.

I met someone who woke me up out of a deep slumber and since that day I try to take action daily to remain on the path of love.  At the time I met this person named Tim I was using shopping as my drug of choice to numb my feelings and make me feel happy about myself and my life.  What I didn’t realize was I was dying of a slow unliving death. Tim’s energy, thoughtfulness, and caring made me remember what I wanted out of life. He actually thought I was smart and told me that all the time.  My husband at the time would always call me the dork from high school. It was very strange for me to think that someone actually thought I was talented and the best problem solver he had ever met. He gave me the courage to try new things like training 1200 employees on ethics.  I stood up there 50 times and gave the presentation and each time I was nervous. He would always tell me that it’s okay to be nervous, it meant you are being real and when you stopped being nervous you needed to find something else to do. His confidence in me also lead me to standing up for myself and telling my husband I wanted a divorce. This was something I would have never thought I could have done.  People in my life just sucked it up and stayed married even though they did not seem happy. I didn’t want to do it any more and pretend that I was happy while slowly rotting away. I didn’t want to be in my 80’s wishing I would have lived my life differently. Looking back now I am so proud I had the courage to do what I did but it was not easy.

It was after the divorce where I started down my spiritual path to find happiness within and it is through my blogs that I would like to share my experiences of being a mom after going thru a divorce, what to do when you are told your daughter has ADD and anxiety, staying committed to spiritual practices, loving yourself, my fertility journey, how I wrote a kids a book, and whatever else comes up for me in life.

I plan on writing and posting weekly.  Every Saturday you will find a new subject in your email box and I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for letting me share my journey with you.

about the author

Keri Collins is a children’s author who helps kids and parents better themselves by making better choices. She blogs about parenting and kids’ issues, and offers plenty of tips and other advice.