Meditation Challenge

“Discover the remarkable benefits of Kirtan Kriya, an ancient form of yoga that integrates chant, meditation, and finger movements to create a holistic, mind-body practice. Grounded in thousands of years of spiritual tradition, Kirtan Kriya is a simple yet profoundly transformative routine that’s been scientifically shown to promote mental clarity, reduce stress, and enhance mood.

The beauty of this practice lies in its simplicity – a sequence of sounds or mantras that you silently recite to yourself while synchronizing with specific finger movements, known as ‘mudras.’ This symphony of sound and movement generates a state of deep relaxation and focused awareness, helping you tap into your inner reservoir of calm and resilience.

Adding Kirtan Kriya to your daily routine doesn’t just provide these exceptional benefits; it also brings an element of playful exploration. Each day, you have the chance to experience the practice anew, refining your rhythm, delving deeper into meditation, and experimenting with the tempo and energy you bring to the kriya. It’s a practice that’s always evolving with you, and that’s part of the fun!

So why not embark on a journey of self-discovery, tranquility, and joy with Kirtan Kriya? It’s a little investment in time that yields immeasurable rewards in wellbeing, and I assure you, it’s an exciting addition to your day-to-day life.” – Keri Collins

Before we begin, read the question below to identify your mindset.

  • Think about the last time you got upset, did you act or react in that situation?
  • When you get upset, how quickly can you get to a neutral mind?
  • When you feel anxious how quickly can you get to a state of peace?

Let’s get started:

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for 11 minutes.

Watch the video and meditate.


After each video and take notes about how you feel after each session. Notice your mood, your heavy or lightness, and inner peace.