reading room

Taking Action Patiently. Ha!

i am sitting here a little overwhelmed... ... overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have going on. I know you know the feeling too! My kid is sick and with her dad, I am starting a business of selling love wraps, I am trying to get pregnant, I am working...

Kids Can Meditate Too!

i love meditating. It helps me start the day out right.  There are so many different ways to meditate like using a guided meditation, listening to music or nature, focusing on a phrase, doing a kundalini meditation where you do a movement and focus on a...

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello and welcome! My name is Keri Collins and this is my first blog.  As I sit her typing these words I am asking myself who would want to read my post?  Should I be doing this, is this a complete waste of my time. I don’t even like to write!! Ha!! I am...

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